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Speech solutions

Home phone

IP Relay service

IP Relay service is a form of traditional Message Relay service. IP Relay employs specially trained operators to enable people with hearing or speech difficulties, to place and receive telephone calls to and from standard telephone users, using an interNET enabled PC or mobile device. Learn more about IP Relay service.

Message Relay service

Message Relay service employs specially trained operators to enable people with hearing or speech difficulties, to place and receive telephone calls to and from standard telephone users. All you need is a Telewriter (TTY) connected to a landline or wireless phone. Learn more about Message Relay service.

Telewriter (TTY)

A telewriter (TTY) allows people to communicate over telephone lines using typed messages. Learn more about the Telewriter. This product may qualify for a subsidy. 

TTY Directory Designation

The letters TTY can be displayed following a listed name in the DirectWest phone book to indicate the person listed is a telewriter user. This service is no charge.


The Electrolarynx is an electronic speech aid which makes speech possible for some people who have had their larynx surgically removed or whose vocal cords are paralyzed. The device is available to approved customers on a no charge loan. A SaskTel Special Needs Authorization form is required. To get a form or for more information, call 1.800.SASKTEL or visit a SaskTel Store near you. Learn about the ElectoLarynx.


Wireless Accessibility Credit

Customers with a vision, hearing, speech, mobility, or cognitive impairment are eligible for a $15/month Wireless Accessibility Credit. This credit can be applied to all postpaid voice and data plans (voice-only, data-only, and prepaid plans are not eligible). You will be required to fill out an Accessibility Self-declaration form (PDF) to receive the credit. Instructions for filling out the form are included in the file.

Data only rate plans

Data only rate plans provide you with the access you need to surf the interNET, check your email, and access your network of friends and family from anywhere. Learn more about our Data only plans.

Text with 9-1-1 (T9-1-1)

Allows deaf, hard of hearing, and speech impaired persons to communicate to 9-1-1 call centres using wireless text messaging (SMS). Learn more about Text with 9-1-1.

Text Messaging only plan - Prepaid only

With our Prepaid Pay-Per-Use plan you can add Text Messaging Unlimited and communicate quickly and easily with friends and family. Learn about our Text Messaging on Prepaid.

Plus, it's easy to keep track of your Prepaid balance using text messaging! Learn how to check your Prepaid account balance.



Conveniently view your bill 24/7 from any interNET connection. Learn more about eBILL.


With mySASKTEL you can view your services, subscribe to online services, and access support history. Learn more about mySASKTEL.

Subsidized products & services

If you have a disability, you may qualify for a subsidy on one of our phone accessibility products (limit of 1 per person).

To qualify, fill out an Accessibility Services Application form (PDF).

Enjoy your independence


SecurTek Medical Alert gives you independence while giving you the assurance of assistance if you need it.

Learn more about SecurTek Medical Alert.