Cellular Safety Plan

Get the peace of mind that comes with carrying a wireless phone for $229 / year.

The SaskTel Cellular Safety Plan is the easiest way to enjoy the safety and security of a cell without having to pay for anything you don't need.

You get:

  • One full year of service for a single yearly payment,
  • Pay up front, with no additional fees (unless you go over allotted minutes).
  • 60 minutes of local and long distance calling per month.
  • Additional minutes are available if you need them for $1/min.
  • Call any time, night or day.
  • Use your cell phone anywhere in Canada and the U.S.
  • Free Call Display.
  • A free detailed monthly usage report (Detailed Billing).

Note: A one-time activation fee applies to all new activations on the SaskTel network.

  • Price
  • Messaging
  • FREE incoming text messages
  • Local and long distance minutes per month
  • Call Display
  • Detailed Billing
Cellular Safety Plan
$ 229 .00 / Yr.
Messaging Pay-per-use local and international messaging - $0.30/sent text, $0.75/sent picture/video.
FREE incoming text messages
Local and long distance minutes per month 60
Call Display
Detailed Billing
$ 229 .00 / Yr.

Terms & conditions

  • A 911 fee is included in the yearly fee.
  • Plan may be added to an existing account.
  • Features may not be added or changed.
  • In order to be eligible for a one year hardware subsidy, the wireless phone must be purchased at the beginning of your contract.
  • Monthly hardware subsidy is allowed during the term.
  • Financing and two/three year hardware subsidies are not allowed.
  • Unlimited SaskTel cell to SaskTel cell calling is not included.
  • Additional minutes are $1.00/min. in Canada and $0.07/min. when roaming in the the U.S. 
  • You will receive a bill if there are overages for the month, otherwise you will only receive a detailed usage report to see how many minutes were used.
  • You may migrate to Postpaid service from the Cellular Safety Plan and be credited for the remaining months that have been paid for.
  • All prices and fees are subject to applicable taxes.