Are you a SaskTel VIP? The VIP 85 plan is only available to customers on select maxTV and/or interNET plans.***** 

This plan also includes:

  • HD voice*,
  • call waiting, call transfer, three-way calling,
  • Free unlimited data on the SaskTel Select Wi-Fi network.

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  • Price
  • Nationwide minutes PLUS Canada to U.S. calling
  • Canada-wide data***
  • Text Picture and Video Messaging****
  • Voice mail
  • Call Display
VIP 85
$ 85 .00 /mo.
Nationwide minutes PLUS Canada to U.S. calling UNLIMITED
Canada-wide data*** UNLIMITED (speed reduced after 15GB)
Text Picture and Video Messaging**** Unlimited
Voice mail Enhanced Voice Mail
Call Display
$ 85 .00 /mo.

Terms & conditions

*HD Voice provides significantly higher voice quality for calls between mobile phones supporting the feature. For more details on HD Voice including eligibility, see Understanding HD Voice

***Canada Wide usage subject to the Wireless Data Fair Use Policy. For more information, see Understanding unlimited data, data caps, and usage limits. VIP 85 has a soft-cap of 15 GB.

****Unlimited Text, Picture, and Video messages sent and received while in Canada, the U.S., and parts of the Caribbean are included. See Caribbean countries with unlimited text messaging.

*****To be eligible for VIP 85, in maxTV serving areas, customers must have High Speed Ultra, Mach 1, Mach 2, or maxTV with interNET. In non-maxTV serving areas, customers must have High Speed Advanced, or interNET & Home Phone.

Before subscribing to this service plan, you must agree to our Wireless Service terms of service (pdf) and our Wireless Data Service Plans terms and conditions (pdf).

Please note: we reserve the right to limit a customer's data speeds if they exceed the limits outlined in our Fair Use Policy. See Wireless Data Fair Use Policy for complete details.  Current Fair Use Policy threshold for the VIP 85 plan is 15 GB / month.

Unlimited long distance minutes can be used from within Canada to anywhere in Canada or the U.S.

Tethered Data can be added to your data plan upon request.

VIP 85 is not compatible with BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

SaskTel reserves the right to move customers from the VIP 85 plan to a different plan with comparable features if they no longer meet the eligibility requirements for the VIP 85 plan.

Additional usage and fees:.

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