Optimum In-home Wi-Fi

Get the best in-home Wi‑Fi coverage and performance.

  1. You’ll get an all-new gateway.
  2. ARRIS NVG448BQ gateway

  3. Plus, a Wi‑Fi extender for the ultimate Wi‑Fi coverage and performance throughout your home.
  4. Optimum Wi-Fi Extender

  5. Once set up, control your Wi‑Fi network with the Optimum In‑home Wi‑Fi mobile app, which gives you easy-to-access Wi‑Fi information on all connected devices.
  6. Optimum Wi-Fi App

And, Optimum In-home Wi‑Fi is professionally installed, for the ideal Wi‑Fi connection for your home.

Improve your Wi‑Fi experience


Additional Extenders

Got a lot of space to cover? Get expanded coverage with additional Optimum In-home Wi‑Fi Extenders. Each extender is just $5 per month.

$ 10 .00 / mo.