Set-top boxes

With maxTV, your first set-top box is free and includes HD and multi-room PVR.¹ Each additional set-top box is just $6.95 per month!

You can have up to 7 set-top boxes with infiNET and up to 4 set-top boxes with interNET.²

Terms & conditions

¹maxTV Lite does not include HD service, multi-room PVR service, or a free set-top box.

²Depending on the combination of services (such as SD, HD, and PVR) to which you subscribe, number of set-box boxes available may vary.

maxTV does not offer 4K content; however, you can watch 4K content on the ARRIS 5602 or ARRIS 5662 set-top box if you subscribe to a Netflix plan that supports Ultra HD (4K) and your TV is compatible. See Using the Netflix app on the ARRIS 5602 maxTV set-top box for more details.

Wireless set-top boxes require a wireless Video Access Point at the gateway.