Wireless set-top box

With a maxTV wireless set-top box, you can move your TV wherever you want. Enjoy movie nights in the backyard, catch sports on the deck, or simply get around to rearranging the living room.

  • Watch TV anywhere in your home or backyard—all you need is a power outlet.¹
  • No rewiring means no holes drilled into your walls.
  • Nice and neat—no need to hide messy cables.
  • You can have up to 3 wireless set-top boxes.

It's easy! Pick up your wireless set-top box and video access point (VAP) at a SaskTel Store or order it from 1.800.SASKTEL (1.800.727.5835), then follow simple step-by step instructions.²

SaskTel installers are also available to perform your initial setup. Call 1.800.SASKTEL or visit a SaskTel Store to book an appointment.

Terms & conditions

¹Customers are free to move their wireless set-top boxes anywhere on their property; however, service is only supported when the VAP and the wireless set-top box are within the same building.

²See Self-install guide: Adding an ARRIS 2502 wireless set top box with a Video Access Point and Self-install guide: Adding an ARRIS 5602 wireless set top box with a Video Access Point.

SaskTel does not guarantee wireless maxTV service. Whenever a wireless signal is used, there are many factors that can impact signal strength and quality, including the distance between the set-top box and the Wireless VAP, construction materials used in the home, and other interference.

The wireless set-top box requires a wireless VAP (one-time equipment upgrade fee of $24.75) to be attached to the gateway. You can have up to 3 wireless maxTV devices synced to the VAP at the gateway. You can only have one VAP attached to the gateway.

VAPs are intended for use with maxTV service only; any other use is not supported. These devices are not for use with maxTV PVR set-top boxes (model number VIP 1216 or VIP 2262).

VAPs and set-top boxes are rented equipment and remain the property of SaskTel. These devices must be returned to SaskTel if maxTV service is cancelled.

maxTV does not offer 4K content; however, you can watch 4K content on the ARRIS 5602 or ARRIS 5662 set-top box if you subscribe to a Netflix plan that supports Ultra HD (4K) and your TV is compatible. See Using the Netflix app on the ARRIS 5602 maxTV set-top box for more details.