Wireless Call Display

See who's calling before you answer.

Call Display has two parts:

  • Incoming display - Shows the number of an incoming wireless or landline call
  • Outgoing display - Sends a wireless phone number to be displayed on other wireless or landline phones. Because of national privacy guidelines, wireless customers must authorize the display of their wireless phone numbers.

You can have incoming display, outgoing display, or both.

Who is it for?
Call Display is for customers who want to know who is calling before they answer their phone. It helps them save money because they can monitor their phone calls and decide which ones need to be answered immediately and which ones can be returned later - when they have time or are better prepared. As well, because they know who is calling, customers can change the way they answer the phone to suit the situation - add the "personal touch" when friends and family call or be more formal when a business associate or client calls.

How much does it cost?
Incoming display is $8.00 per month. Outgoing display is free.

Numbers not displayed
The following numbers are not displayed:

  • blocked numbers
  • wireless phone numbers that have not been authorized for display.
  • long distance calls from a wireless phone to a landline

Instead, you may see a message displayed (depending on the phone).

$ 8 .00 / mo.