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Terms & conditions

*Customers are free to move their wireless set-top boxes anywhere on their property; however, service is only supported when the VAP and the wireless set-top box are within the same building.

SaskTel does not guarantee wireless maxTV service. Whenever a wireless signal is used, there are many factors that can impact signal strength and quality, including the distance between the set-top box and the Wireless VAP, construction materials used in the home, and other interference.

The wireless set-top box requires a wireless VAP (one-time equipment upgrade fee of $24.75) to be attached to the gateway. You can have up to 3 wireless maxTV devices synced to the VAP at the gateway. You can only have one VAP attached to the gateway.

VAPs are intended for use with maxTV service only; any other use is not supported. These devices are not for use with maxTV PVR set-top boxes (model number VIP 1216 or VIP 2262).

VAPs and set-top boxes are rented equipment and remain the property of SaskTel. These devices must be returned to SaskTel if maxTV service is cancelled.

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