5 great looks for SK fall

5 great looks for SK fall

5 great looks for SK fall

This weekend, the Saskatoon Fashion & Design Festival (SFDF) hosts two nights of runway shows. SK fashion designers unveil new clothing lines, Nov 5-6 at the Bessborough Hotel. To celebrate, we invited Tiara Jackle, a talented Saskatoon fashion blogger, to share (and model) some of her favourite fall looks.

The SFDF runway shows always fuel my love of fashion. I enjoy giving a modern twist to vintage clothes, and I especially admire the timeless bohemian style of Stevie Nicks, my favourite singer. I adore how she dresses. So here are five outfits I’ve put together—and each one is named after a Stevie Nicks song. I hope they inspire your own style this fall and winter.


Outside the Rain


Layering is a must in Saskatchewan. Photography: Nicole Romanoff

I created this look by layering many pieces of similar colours, as I find it builds a more interesting outfit. Want to dress up your own denim-on-denim Canadian tuxedo? Layer it up! I love to layer different textiles. This look was inspired by urban street styles on Pinterest, as the long wool coat is something I’ve constantly lusted over.

Where to wear: I’d wear this out window shopping with friends (even though we all know that quickly turns into real shopping).
My favourite part: That’s my grandmother’s vintage leather purse. Statement purses are great for bringing more charm into a simple outfit.


Jacket: vintage / Jean jacket: Levi’s / Sweater: Lord & Taylor / Scarf: Indigo / Necklace: Artifacts World / Jeans: Noisy May / Shoes: Call it Spring / Purse: vintage / Rings: Hunt of Hounds / Sunglasses: Nicole Miller / Earrings: vintage


Leather and Lace


Black is always the new black. Photography: Nicole Romanoff

Black, on black, on black, on black! My tip for styling an all-black outfit is incorporating textures, and minimal but intricate accessorizing, like this double-buckled belt. It adds eye-catching details that make an all-black outfit anything but boring. It’s a chic, modern look, however I still incorporate subtle vintage pieces like the silver necklace.

Where to wear: I’d wear this to a concert or night out with friends. This outfit was inspired by edgy ‘80s rockers. The punk rockers were renowned for daring styles and risk taking trends—I’m a huge fan.
My favourite part: It incorporates Laurie Brown's sheer collection, and layering her top over my sweater creates a unique look.


Jacket: Zara / Sheer top: Laurie Brown / Sweater: Jacqueline de Yong / Necklace: vintage / Jeans: Nudie Jeans / Boots: Kenneth Cole / Purse: Steve Madden / Rings: Hunt of Hounds / Belt: B-low The Belt





When styling such a striking jacket, add simple pieces to let the coat stand out. Photography: Nicole Romanoff

If my entire wardrobe was all velvet, I’d be one happy woman. This coat is one of my favourite pieces (found it at Better Off Duds in Saskatoon!) and it’s directly inspired by Stevie Nicks’ love of plush velvet. I idolize her and how she dresses—everything flows down from hair to boots. I hope to one day accumulate enough lace and velvet to recreate all her looks.

Where to wear: I’d wear this to a dinner date or a Christmas/NYE party. When you’re wearing a stunning statement piece like a bold blue jacket, let it shine by pairing it with a singular coloured outfit. Note how the blue pops against black pieces.
My favourite part: Accessorizing is a breeze as I stick to the outfit’s main colours so they don’t seem out of place.


Jacket: vintage (Better Off Duds) / Sweater: Guess / Boots: Call it Spring / Purse: vintage / Choker: vintage



Gate and Garden


Black, on black, on black, on blue. Photography: Nicole Romanoff

Want to wear an all-black outfit and not be mistaken for Wednesday Addams? A coloured statement piece will do. I think everyone should own a long vest, they can be incorporated into almost any outfit. This look was inspired by Aurora Mohn whose sleek style I’ve obsessed over for years.

Where to wear: Wear it to work or a fancy evening out with friends.
My favourite part: The shoes! They were my great aunt’s shoes in the 1930s and I’m so lucky that we share the same shoe size.


Top: Laurie Brown  / Vest: DO+BE / Skirt: Aritzia / Shoes: vintage / Purse: Steve Madden 



Bella Donna


Creating semi-monochromatic outfits is fun—but wearing them is even better. Photography: Nicole Romanoff

I love versatile outfits. This outfit can be formal or casual—you choose. I’m loving how the “mom jeans” style is coming back. I always say, “If I can’t live in the 1980s, at least I can dress like it.”

Where to wear: I’d wear this to visit my favourite antique store in Delisle, SK (Creekside Country Home & Décor).
My favourite part: I love this colour, which is one of Pantone’s colours of the year—plus it looks good on any skin tone. I also adore this bag which my auntie brought back for me from France.


Shirt: Aritzia / Jeans: Garage / Shoes: Call it Spring / Broach: vintage


I hope these looks inspire your inner fashionista—and I’ll see you at the Saskatoon Fashion & Design Festival runway shows this weekend! Thank you once again to Nicole Romanoff for her wonderful photography.




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