Non-SaskTel device compatibility check

Non-SaskTel device compatibility check

This tool will indicate whether your non-SaskTel device is compatible with the SaskTel wireless network. SaskTel offers both HSPA/UMTS and LTE service in a variety of frequency bands. The use of 850MHz provides full provincial coverage of both HSPA/UMTS and LTE.

Note: Devices may be SIM-locked. Devices purchased in Canada after December 1st, 2017 are currently unlocked. Any device purchased before December 1st may still be locked to the cellular provider in which the device was originally purchased. To activate a compatible SIM-locked device on the SaskTel wireless network, you’ll need to contact your current/former wireless service provider to unlock the device.

1. Find your Device IMEI

Display it on your device screen:

Most phones will display the IMEI on the screen. Type *#06# on the keypad for making phone calls.

If this doesn’t work, see Finding the IMEI of your phone or device for more options.

Can't find it?

If there is no IMEI associated to your device, we can't check its compatibility with the SaskTel wireless network. Please visit a SaskTel Store or SaskTel Authorized Dealer for more information about your device.

2. Enter your device IMEI

15-18 digits long