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Roaming notification text message

Roaming notification text message

When you travel outside of Canada with your LTE phone, SaskTel will send you a text message to let you know what the standard retail roaming rates are for the area you’re in, so you won’t be surprised by unexpected roaming charges.

This service is FREE and is automatically provided to all SaskTel LTE customers. As soon as your phone registers on another country’s network, you’ll receive a roaming notification (even if you have your data services turned off). You are not charged any text messaging or data fees for these incoming messages.


Welcome to MEXICO! You’re now roaming outside of SaskTel’s network. Roaming rates are $0.30/min, $0.15/MB & up to $0.40/txt.

Roaming rate exceptions

The rates quoted in the text message will be standard retail roaming rates. There are two cases in which you could be paying a lower rate, which won’t be reflected in the notification:

  • roam & RELAX Travel Add-Ons – If you have a Travel Add-On, your roaming rates could be much lower than what’s indicated in the text message, depending on which Add-Ons your are subscribed to.
  • Unlimited Text Messaging – If your rate plan includes Unlimited Text Messaging, then you will not pay any charges for text messages sent and received while in Canada, the U.S., and parts of the Caribbean.

Mobile internet sticks

If you have a mobile Internet stick or MIFI, you may not receive the roaming notification text messages, depending on how your device is configured.

Opt out

To opt out of the roaming notification text messages, or to opt back in if you've opted out, you can complete the online Roaming notification text message opt-out /opt-in form.

See Wireless roaming rates and billing for more information about roaming charges.

For a list of the other types of text messages SaskTel sends and the opt out instructions for each, see Text messages from SaskTel.

Data caps

To help you manage your data charges, we provide caps on data overage charges as required by the Wireless Code.