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Network Data Optimization

Network Data Optimization

To give you the best possible experience when streaming video/audio and viewing web images on your wireless device over the 4G and 4G LTE wireless network, we use Network Data Optimization. Data optimization improves media streaming by encoding files to reduce their size.

Our data optimization equipment looks at the content you want to stream and the type of device you're using. If the format hasn't been fully optimized, our equipment optimizes the file before sending it. The file will load faster with no noticeable reduction in quality, there will be less buffering and stalling, and you'll use less data which can save you money.

With Network Data Optimization, you can still access the same range of Internet content, applications, and services, as long as they meet the general rules in our SaskTel Wireless Service Terms of Service.

Note: Network Data Optimization does not apply to Wi-Fi or home Internet service.

Types of content that are optimized

Content optimization depends on the file type. Streaming video/audio and web images are optimized. These file types are not optimized:

    • Downloaded file

    • Video conferencing

    • FaceTime

    • Live chat

    • Gaming

    • Skype

    • Media saved to your device

Types of wireless devices that are optimized

4G and 4G LTE devices connected to the SaskTel 4G and 4G LTE network will be optimized. This includes:

    • Smartphones 
    • Tablets
    • Mobile Internet sticks 

    • MiFis 

Why Network Data Optimization

Network Data Optimization on the SaskTel 4G and 4G LTE wireless network helps provide a better experience for all customers. More than 500 wireless service providers in the United States, Europe, and around the world have some form of Network Data Optimization. Their customers get faster media loading, less buffering and stalls, lower data usage, and no noticeable reduction in quality. We want our customers to enjoy these same benefits.