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CDMA prepaid plan has been discontinued

CDMA prepaid plan has been discontinued

On July 5, 2017, the CDMA prepaid plan was discontinued when the CDMA network was turned down.  This plan was intended for use on CDMA devices, and has not been available to new customers since 2005.  A small number of long-time customers were still on this plan, even after upgrading to a 4G or LTE device. 

If you were on this plan and using a 4G or LTE device, we would have sent you a text message letting you know that we were automatically moving you to our current prepaid Pay Per Use plan on July 5.  The prepaid Pay Per Use plan includes lower per-minute rates, and the ability to send and receive text messages.  Local calling is just $0.10/minute, long distance is $0.25/minute to Canada and the U.S., and text messaging is only $0.20/text.

The prepaid Pay Per Use plan has a $8/month minimum usage amount.  If you use less than $8 of prepaid service in a month, the difference will be deducted from your account to raise the total of your month's service to $8.

You can also choose to move to a monthly prepaid plan, that gives you a package of minutes, texting, features, and even data for a low monthly rate.  Check out all of our prepaid plans

If you’re no longer using this prepaid account, you can contact us and we can transfer your existing balance to another SaskTel account (wireless, maxTV, interNET, or homePHONE). 

Call 1.800.SASKTEL (1.800.727.5835) or visit a SaskTel Store or Authorized Dealer if you have any questions, or want us to help you find the prepaid plan that's right for you.