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Commitment to the environment

SaskTel is committed to leading environmental sustainability in Saskatchewan. One of the greatest contributions we can make is through our eco-friendly business practices. That means leaving the smallest possible environmental footprint, wherever we operate.

We pursue environment sustainability in three ways:

  • Complying with regulations. We monitor global, federal and provincial changes in environmental regulations, reporting and policy, and adapt our strategic direction to comply whenever necessary.
  • Preventing pollution. We focus on minimizing our resource usage and waste creation through efficiencies and policies.
  • Continuously improving. We continue to further streamline processes, leverage technology, influence suppliers and educate employees and customers on behalf of sustainable practices.  Our commitment to innovation and the environment provides benefits to the business and communities in which we operate.

Through these efforts, we hope our customers and other companies will consider us a model of sustainability.

Phones For a Fresh Start

We collect and recycle our customers' old cell phones. We then donate the proceeds to Phones for a Fresh Start, a community partnership to help victims of domestic abuse.

Five R's for sustainability

We've added two more to the original "three R's" of environmental responsibility: "Research" and "Rethink." Together, the five R's are the building blocks of our approach to sustainability.


  • Environmental impact – Our employees research the products, services, or actions required to do their job thoroughly. They consider the real and potential environmental impact of their work, and, as needed, consult with our Environment Group.
  • Awareness – We offer internal communications, environment-related committees, audits, and awareness events like Environment Week.
  • Make the connection – All levels of our company participate in Environmental Management System Awareness Sessions to help our employees connect their roles to the environment.


  • At work – Employees are invited to rethink their actions to improve the environment.
  • Recognizing opportunities – Our employees often see environmental opportunities and suggest changes. For example, our technicians suggested recycling our plastic packaging.


  • Emissions – In 2007, we were one of the first companies in Saskatchewan to launch a Greenhouse Gas Management Plan.
  • Fuel consumption – We reduce the fuel consumption of our corporate fleet through informed vehicle purchases such as Smart Cars.
  • Telecommuting – When possible, our employees and executives telecommute to reduce travel. Plus customers can use our services to telecommute and reduce their carbon footprints, too!
  • Energy efficiency – We choose energy efficient equipment and introduce programs like the "Switch Off and Save" campaign to cut our electrical consumption. We also automatically shut down our computers after hours.


  • Office supplies – We reuse supplies like binders and folders, and store them in central office supply stations or office bureaus for easy access.
  • Computers for Schools – Since 1993, our program has collected, refurbished, and donated more than 40,000 computers to Saskatchewan schools.
  • Fundraising – Our Pioneers sell refurbished computers, and salvaged office furniture, office supplies, and computer accessories.


  • Paper and cardboard – We recycle cardboard and paper. Plus our employees print on both sides of the page when possible.
  • Reduced waste – We help our customers recycle wireless devices and accessories, as well as inkjet cartridges. We reduce company waste through our recycling programs for paper, plastic, batteries, printer cartridges, metal, fluorescent light bulbs, and other items.

Creating a greener environment

SaskTel EnviroCare is committed to providing rewarding opportunities for employees and their families to participate in greening initiatives throughout the communities we serve. From hosting lunch-and-learns, to coordinating donation drives, to helping preserve and protect the natural spaces we share, EnviroCare is dedicated to making a lasting difference for the environment right here in Saskatchewan. 

Mission: To create a greener community and promote environmental awareness and initiatives through the collaboration and engagement of SaskTel employees.

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A super green employer

For the eighth consecutive year, we've been named one of Canada's Greenest Employers by Mediacorp Canada Inc. This honour recognizes our leading environmental policies, including waste reduction, recycling, increased fuel efficiency, and our ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.


Canada's Greenest Employers