Celebrating kindness on the playground at Regina elementary schools

Celebrating kindness on the playground at Regina elementary schools

A group of Playground Conflict Managers pose for a picture after completing one of their leadership challenges at the conference.

School is a big part of everyone’s life.  It’s where we learn the subject material that helps us to understand and function in the world around us as we grow up.  But, it’s also an important place for learning how to relate to and function with other people.  And for kids in elementary school, the learning curve for developing effective communication and conflict resolution skills is often high. 

Thankfully, students in Regina are stepping up to the challenge the old fashioned way – by putting their boots on the ground!  Or, more specifically, on the playground.

On Wednesday, January 25, 2017 from 1–3 p.m. at Campbell Collegiate, 300 young students ranging from Grades 5 to 8 met for the 20th Annual Playground Conflict Managers’ Conference.  The Conference was a gathering of students that participate in the Conflict Managers’ Program sponsored by Regina Public Schools.

The kids attending the event were all students who volunteer their time in school playgrounds to help resolve conflicts that may arise among their fellow students.  Known as “conflict managers,” they are trained at school about communication and conflict and the most effective ways to resolve problems in these areas.  These playground peace prefects promote kindness among their peers to help to address conflicts.  They are identifiable to their peers by the bright vests they wear.  They record their activities during their playground shifts and give reports to their teachers.

This is SaskTel’s first year as a sponsor of the Conference which dovetails with the company’s I Am Stronger initiative, which helps to promotes kindness and ultimately work to decrease bullying in our communities.

Lyndsey Pankratz, SaskTel Project in charge of the I Am Stronger team was one of the people who spoke at the Conference.  “The kids at the Conference deserve to be recognized,” said Lyndsey.  “They’re volunteering their time and energy within their schools to help their peers be mindful of being respectful when interacting with others.  The Conference fit perfectly with I Am Stronger’s message of promoting kindness and inclusion and we were happy to be a part of the day.”

Helping to put boots in the playground to promote kindness and resolve conflicts is another way that SaskTel helps to promote kindness in our communities.

For more information about the Playground Conflict Managers’ Conference, watch this: http://globalnews.ca/video/3202269/playground-conflict-managers-conference

For more information about SaskTel’s I Am Stronger initiative, visit: www.iamstronger.ca

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