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Internet speed test

Want to know your speed? Check your High Speed Internet or infiNET™ connection with our speed test. Results will vary depending on your High Speed Internet or infiNET plan. Check our High Speed Internet plans for more information on speeds available with regular and infiNET High Speed Internet.

You may be experiencing slower speeds for reasons not related to your plan. Some reasons for a slow connection are:

  • You’re subscribed to maxTV™ service
  • Peer-to-peer file sharing
  • Online gaming
  • Multiple computers sharing one High Speed Internet connection
  • Resource-heavy software
For advice on troubleshooting slow connections, check out these support answers.

Begin speed test

Note: To get the most accurate speed test results, ensure all wireless devices have their Wi-Fi turned off and turn off all but the one computer you are testing on along with any applications and programs on your computer that consume bandwidth are shut down