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SaskTel Pension Plan

As of December 31, 2015, the SaskTel Pension Plan has provided services to 2,035 members (1,996 retired members and 39 employee members) and held $1,022M in net assets. In 2015, the plan paid out $68M in pension benefits.

Established in 1928, the Saskatchewan Telecommunications Pension Plan is a contributory-defined benefit pension plan. It has been closed to new members since 1977.

Effective January 1, 1999, the Plan is governed by the Pension Benefits Act, 1992 (the Act). Prior to January 1, 1999, the Plan was governed by the Saskatchewan Telecommunication Superannuation Act and the Superannuation (Supplementary Provisions) Act. The Plan is registered under The Income Tax Act and The Pensions Benefits Act, 1992. It's administered by a 5-person Board appointed by the Corporation and Union.

Mission statement

The Board is committed to pursuing sound governance practices in discharging its responsibilities as administrator of the Pension Plan. The Board strives to ensure the Pension Plan is always administered in an effective manner that's consistent with the fiduciary duties owed to plan members and other stakeholders.

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SaskTel Pension Plan Board Members

Dale Hillmer

Charlene Gavel

Andy Malinowski

Scott Smith

Brian Renas

Contact us

2121 Saskatchewan Drive
6th Floor
Regina, Saskatchewan
S4P 3Y2

Fax: 306.777.5539

SaskTel Pension Plan administrators will answer questions from plan members only.


Darlene Achter
Ph: 306.777.4123

Arden Priebe
Ph: 306.777.2550

David Holzapfel
Ph: 306.777.4777

Annual pension plan increase

The 2015 annual pension increase is 1.12%