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Rate plans

Get the right wireless plan for the right price! We have a range of flexible, sensible, competitively priced wireless plans built with your business in mind.

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Save on your plan!

Save $10/mo. off any voice & data or voice plan, or $15/mo. off any Mobile Internet plan, when you bring your own device or buy a device at full price!

Terms & conditions

Before subscribing to a service plan, you must agree to our Wireless Service terms of service (PDF) and our Wireless Data Service Plans terms and conditions (PDF).

5G service

  • 5G is available to SaskTel postpaid business wireless customers who are on an unlimited Business VIP plan, Business shareMORE Nationwide or Canada & U.S. plan, Business shareMORE Data Only, or Business Mobile Internet plan, have a SaskTel 5G-certified device, and are in a 5G coverage area. When not in a 5G coverage area, the device will operate on the LTE network.


  • Canada Wide usage subject to the Wireless Data Fair Use Policy. For more information, see Understanding unlimited data, data caps, and usage limits. Please note: we reserve the right to limit a customer's data speeds if they exceed the limits outlined in our Fair Use Policy.
  • Tethered Data can be added to your data plan upon request.
  • You can't add more than one device to a Business shareMORE data plan online. To add multiple devices to a shared plan, please Contact Us.
  • Business shareMORE Data Plans may have a minimum or maximum number of devices allowed on a shared data bucket.
  • Business Mobile Internet Dat is only available for usage in Saskatchewan.
  • Data upload and download speeds, including those with Business Mobile Internet plans, are not guaranteed and may vary due to a number of external factors including: the device being used, network congestion, distance from the cell site, local conditions, and cell tower technology.


  • Unlimited calling can be used from within Canada to anywhere in Canada or the U.S.
  • HD Voice provides significantly higher voice quality for calls between mobile phones supporting the feature. For more details on HD Voice including eligibility, see Understanding HD Voice.
  • If you have a device that’s capable of Wi-Fi Calling, Wi-Fi Calling is available on all plans that include unlimited calling in Canada. See Wi-Fi Calling.

Features & Add-ons

  • Unlimited Text, Picture, and Video messages sent and received while in Canada, the U.S., and parts of the Caribbean are included. See Caribbean countries with unlimited text messaging.
  • Customers on the Busienss shareMORE Canada & U.S. rate plan cannot add roam & RELAX U.S. add-ons.

Additional usage and fees:

  • A monthly 911 fee of $2.38 applies to each device. 911 fees are subject to change.
  • For long distance rates outside Canada, see International travel rates.
  • International long distance rates apply to calls you place to an international number(outside of Canada or U.S.) from within Canada. Find the rate for the country you want to call with our International long distance rates chart.
  • For U.S. voice and data roaming rates, see Understanding Roam & Relax U.S. Daily Rates. (On Business shareMORE Nationwide, and Business shareMORE Data Only, U.S. roaming is charged on all data used in the U.S. and is not taken out of the included bucket of data in each plan.)

All prices and fees include applicable taxes.