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Call 1.844.SASKTEL

Make it easier than ever for your customers to contact you! Get a toll-free number as part of your Business One Rate Long Distance plan. Your customers in Canada and the U.S. can then avoid paying long distance charges when they place an order or make an inquiry.


Direct calls automatically
Easily manage your incoming toll-free calls with:

  • Area Code Route. Direct calls based on the area code of the incoming caller.
  • Call Allocator. Direct calls to different numbers based on pre-determined percentages set by you.
  • Exchange Route. Direct calls based on the exchange of the incoming caller.
  • FlexRoute. Direct calls based on the time of day, the day of the week, or even holidays.

  • Overflow Route. Direct calls to an alternate number if your toll-free number is busy or your customer receives no answer.

Always be ready for disaster
Make sure you’re prepared if disaster strikes with Emergency Route. Set up one or more alternate numbers to direct your toll-free calls in the event of an emergency at your regular location.

Manage how customers reach you
Create a seamless customer experience with:

  • Call Prompter. Store recorded prompts that let your customers select options from a menu. Get them connected to the right department or person faster. Contact your sales representative for more information regarding additional features (and charges) required to activate this feature.
  • Courtesy Response. Create a message for your customers to be played if your toll-free number is busy or not available.

Know your customers better
Get the information you need to make smart business decisions with:

  • Call Analysis Summary. Get the all the important details and statistics regarding your toll-free number right on your monthly bill.
  • Call Identifier. See the number of incoming calls to your toll-free number.

Dialed Number Identifier. If you have multiple toll-free numbers, see which number your customers are dialling.



  • Usage charges still apply for free features
  • Setup and/or change fees may apply
  • Call Prompter: $0.15 per call for terminations in Saskatchewan and $0.25 per minute for calls terminating on a Call Prompter menu
  • Courtesy Response: $0.15 per call for terminations in Saskatchewan
  • There is no monthly fee for terminations in Saskatchewan for the Area Code Route, Call Allocator, Exchange Route, FlexRoute, Overflow Route, Emergency Route, Call Analysis Summary, Call Identifier, or Dialled Number Identifier features

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