Managed Video Collaboration

SaskTel Managed Video Collaboration (MVC) is a cloud-based video conferencing solution that connects employees wherever they are.


With the benefit of non-verbal communication and on-screen collaboration, people stay engaged  it is like you are meeting in-person but without the cost of travel. The experience is so much better than just voice conferencing.

Why choose SaskTel MVC?

Set-up and technical support
We will set up and configure the service for your business needs, and if something goes wrong during use, the end user has someone to call - unlike other self-serve models.

Concierge option
Have an important meeting? The concierge service is a managed feature that will run your call for you ensuring everything goes flawlessly.

Your data traffic is encrypted end to end on a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and is firewall protected to prevent others from accessing your data.

99.9% guaranteed application uptime, meaning no dropped calls.*


*Uptime reliability of the service is dependent on your network.


Service options

Mix and match package options to best fit your business needs.

*Additional fees apply



*Must purchase a Standard or Premium package to purchase the DVMR.



“In 27 months, we’ve saved an estimated $73,000 in travel and overnight expenses.  And we haven’t factored in operational savings -  when Operations doesn’t have to travel two hours each way for a meeting, that’s time they can be working on-site.” 

-Paul Mayson, SaskWater



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SaskTel MVC is powered by our partner Telemerge. They are the direct provider of some of the above services, such as Managed and Concierge calling, video adoption support, and trouble support.    

Managed Video Collaboration terms of service