Connect remote office locations with a simple internet solution. With SaskTel Managed Virtual Private Network (VPN), electronically transfer your data and files between business locations over a secure and reliable Wide Area Network (WAN) connection.

Managed VPN will enable you to securely interconnect your branches and multiple business locations without installing private lines or purchasing expensive VPN equipment. You will enjoy peace of mind knowing your sensitive business data is protected as it is transmitted through a secure end-to-end connection. 

Why choose SaskTel Managed VPN?

Complete solution
This end-to-end secure networking solution helps you avoid the complications of integrating and managing multiple services from multiple vendors. All WAN equipment and licencing are included with the monthly rental so there will be no surprise expenses due to hardware failure or expired Digital Rights Management (DRM).

Efficiently connect remote locations
Aggregation and management are hosted within SaskTel Data Centres so each access can be customized for the number of users and bandwidth you need.

Reliable and highly available network with priority support
With a 99.99% uptime target for the core platform and priority support from our dedicated Business First Support Team, each access is protected reducing potential downtime and ensuring your business is always up and running when it needs to be.

Secure end-to-end connections
SPI firewalls and IPsec VPN technology ensures that all external access to your network is tightly controlled and your private data remains private.

Safeguarded in our data centres
Service authentication and management are hosted in diverse SaskTel Data Centers to ensure that a potential outage at one of your locations never takes down your whole network.



  • Enterprise-grade routers at each location to provide reliable and secure networking within and between your locations
  • All licences required to enable enhanced VPN encryption services
  • Standard SPI firewall functionality
  • 99.99% availability
  • 24/7 priority technical support
  • 8-hour service level objective across the province
  • 1 Static IP address included*
  • Service authentication and management hosted in our diverse Data Centres
  • Available in over 400 communities and First Nations areas across Saskatchewan

What our customers say

We realized an annual savings of $10,800 based on time saved by deploying the solution. This represents a 62% return on investment. We were able to save an additional $5,000 by saving the cost of installing an additional server."

- Rob Clark, Warner Industries


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*Only one Static IP address can be provisioned due to technical limitations.

**Managed VPN is only available for Business Internet customers with Business Internet Priority Support.

Managed VPN is a contracted service and requires a 3-year agreement.