Do you need a fibre-based service, but it is not available or construction costs are prohibitive? Do you need high bandwidth and physical network access diversity?

SaskTel Microwave Ethernet Extension is a Point-to-Point, Microwave, Layer 2, Local Area Network Extension service that uses different spectrum frequencies to extend the reach of our fibre-based services to remote locations. It is able to span distance up to 40 kilometres in normal environmental conditions.1

Connect to your data and applications and manage your business with confidence with Microwave Ethernet Extension.

Why choose SaskTel Microwave Ethernet Extension?

  • Reliable connectivity. Carrier-grade, resilient, monitored Microwave last mile access solution provides high bandwidth, fibre-based service.

  • Support. 24/7 Network Operations Centre (NOC) monitoring ensures you stay connected.

  • Flexible pricing and agreements. Tiered service offerings and customized pricing are available on 3 or 5-year agreements.

  • Mitigate risks. Unlicensed, semi-licensed, or licensed spectrum options are available to mitigate and manage risk related to outages or degradation from environmental changes.

How it works with VPLS or LANspan IP

If you have Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS or LANspan IP), here is how your service will work with Microwave Ethernet Extension.


How it works with Dedicated Internet

If you have Dedicated Internet, here is how your service will work with Microwave Ethernet Extension.

MEE with DI

1Distances over 40 kilometres are not available due to line of sight with the tower.