Get affordable, reliable, high quality voice communications with Megalink (ISDN-PRI). Your calls will be completed faster, saving you time and money. Your operational, maintenance and hardware costs will also be reduced, since one digital card with Megalink can replace as many as 24 expensive analog cards.

Megalink converges your voice and data access service by getting your PBX to talk with the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). This means you’ll get support for many voice and data applications, high-speed file transfers, fax transmissions, video conferencing, and LAN-to-LAN connections.

Megalink is available across the province.


Included Optional (additional charges may apply)
•  Calling Name Identifier
•  Calling Line Identifier
•  2 Inward Route Labellers (IRL)
•  2 Inward Route Traffic Managers (RTM)
•  2 Outward Route Traffic Managers (RTM)
•  Account code summary reports
•  Enhanced 911, 411, and 711 (Message Relay Service)
•  Call overflow/Reroute
•  Backup D-channels
•  Direct-In-Dial (DID)
•  Additional Inward Route Labellers (IRL)
•  Additional Route Traffic Managers
•  Emergency Call Redirect service
•  Release line trunking


You'll have reliable network up time with business continuity features, including Back Up D-channel (for signalling) to offer connection stability in the event of system failures.  Also get 24/7 monitoring and support from our dedicated team of Experts.


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