Three Way Calling

Talk with two people in two different locations at the same time. It's great for chatting with friends whether they live in two different cities, or just in two separate houses.

Three-way calling is also available as a pay-per-use service. It's always available on your line for only 50 cents per use.

Set up Three Way Calling on your home phone

$ 5 .00 /mo.

Your life's about to get 10 times easier!

Get our 10 most popular calling features for just $10/mo.

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Terms & conditions

Any applicable long distance charges apply to the originator of the long distance call.

When the originator of the Three-Way Call hangs up, all parties are disconnected.

Three-Way Calling is available to customers in Uranium City or Kinoosao on a monthly subscription basis. However, Pay Per Use Three-Way Calling is not available in these locations.

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