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Get great time-saving features for your phone like Call Display and Text Messaging, and money-saving Travel Add-ons to stay connected.

Changing plans and add-ons is easy with mySaskTel!

Changing your wireless plan and add-ons online is easy and saves you time. Just log in to mySaskTel, and with a few clicks, you're done. Aren't signed up for mySaskTel yet? Learn more and sign up today.


Roam & Relax Travel Add-ons

Roam & Relax U.S.

Add a package of minutes, text messages, and data that can be used when roaming in the U.S.


Roam & Relax International (Zone 2)

Add a package of minutes, text messages, and data that can be used in any Zone 2 country.


Roam & Relax International Data (Zone 4)

Say goodbye to surprise data roaming charges! Add a Roam & Relax International Data add-on to your plan when roaming in a Zone 4 country, and you’re good to go.


Roam & Relax International Text (Zone 1, 2, 3, and 4)

Globetrotting? Save on texting as you travel internationally with our Roam & Relax International Text Travel Add-ons.


Device protection

Wireless Device Protection Plan

If something goes wrong, you're protected. Our Wireless Device Protection Plan, in partnership with Brightstar, protects you when your phone is lost, stolen, accidentally damaged, or malfunctioning.


AppleCare+ for iPhone

Protection for your iPhone


AppleCare+ for iPad

Protection for your iPad



Wireless Call Display

See who's calling before you answer.


Wireless Call Forward

Call Forwarding allows you to redirect incoming calls from your wireless phone to another number, such as your home phone, work phone, or voice mail.


Wireless Detailed Billing

With detailed billing, your bill lists every call placed and received, and provides the airtime and long distance charges for each call. (Without detailed billing, your bill lists only your long distance calls and long distance charges.)


Canada Long Distance Voice Add-on

Get one low price for a bundle of long distance minutes. All you need is a Canada Long Distance Voice Add-on and a phone plan.



Text Messaging Canada to International

Send unlimited texts from within Canada to any international number (outside of Canada and the U.S.).


Wireless voice mail

Visual Voice Mail

Visual Voice Mail (VVM) lets you quickly and easily view, listen, and manage your voice mail messages right on your smartphone using an email-like interface. You can use Visual Voice Mail anywhere there is wireless 4G/4G LTE coverage or Wi-Fi.


Voice mail

Wireless Voice Mail answers your cell when you can't, providing secure storage that is easy to access from any phone, 24 hours a day.


Voice Mail to Text

Voice Mail to Text allows you to read, store, search and respond to your voice mail messages on your phone, your computer, or your wireless device - whenever, wherever, and however you choose!


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