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Automatically transfer any call that is not answered within 3 or 4 rings to a pre-determined telephone number.

Worried about missing an important call? With Call Forward Do not Answer, you won't have to! 

After subscribing to Call Forward Do not Answer, you can change the number of rings by dialing *94, waiting for a confirmation tone, then entering 2 to 9 to set the number of rings.

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  • The number must be specified at the time the service is requested.
  • A service charge will be incurred each time this number is changed.
  • Customers can request to have more than one Call Forwarded simultaneously. If this is a subsequent programming change, there will be a service connection charge.
  • For Multi-Line customers with hunting trunks, Call Forward Do not Answer can only be added to the main telephone number of the hunting group.
  • Applicable long distance charges apply to the Call Forward Do not Answer subscriber when forwarding to a long distance number.
A service connection charge of $9.00 will apply. If multiple Calling Features are ordered per session, you will only be charged one service connection charge.