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Block outgoing 900 and 976 calls from your telephone.

Where available, 900 and 976 services are pay per call services that connect you to live or pre-recorded information such as chat lines, sports scores, or weather forecasts. You are charged either per-minute or flat rate per call. Advertising of these numbers will indicate how charges are applied.

You will not be charged the first time you set up 900 or 976 call blocking service, and no monthly charges apply; however, you will be charged $8 each time you decide to deactivate or reactivate the blocking service thereafter.

You may reasonably dispute 900 and 976 charges. SaskTel will waive these charges from your bill the first time they are reasonably disputed.

SaskTel will then offer to provide you with 900 and 976 blocking service and if you do not accept this service, you will be responsible for all future 900 and 976 charges that appear on your bill.

Please note that SaskTel is not a 900 or 976 service provider. SaskTel only bills on behalf of third-party 900 and 976 service providers.