Make communications downtime a thing of the past with the most reliable voice network in the province.

Local telephone service provides:

  • Unlimited local calling
  • 9-1-1 emergency services where available
  • The ability to dial "0" for SaskTel's 24 hour operator services
  • The ability to dial 411 for Directory Assistance to obtain listed telephone numbers for persons and businesses (Directory Assistance charges apply)
  • A choice of various SaskTel Long Distance Saving Plans
  • Access to SaskTel Dial-up Internet Service
  • Access to optional Enhanced Calling Features, messaging, and Pay Per Use services (extra charges apply)
  • A listing in the white pages of the telephone book
  • A free copy of the telephone book for your service district
  • Call blocking and toll restriction available (additional fees will apply)
  • Free buried cable location information
  • The ability to dial 611 for telephone line maintenance


Monthly rental charges
Monthly rental charges for a standard line vary and are dependent on the geographical location and the number of lines per location. Contact us for pricing.


Installation Costs

There is a one-time connection charge for this service ranging from $45.00 to $99.00 per single line for business customers in most urban areas. The connection charge rate for most rural areas varies dependent on the location.



Inside Wiring
If your new premises require wiring, you have the option of having SaskTel complete the work or having someone else do it. However, SaskTel must make the initial connection to the building from our network. If you have SaskTel complete the inside wiring, costs will include both parts and labour at SaskTel's current rates.


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