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Prewiring Guide

It’s the customer's responsibility to provide the telephone wiring that’s typically pre-wired in a home or business during construction or installed during renovation. This includes the wire that is used to connect the telephone service to an external building, such as a garage or shop.

On construction of all new single family units, the customer is responsible for:

  • Ensuring that all telephone wiring and jacks are Canadian Standards Association (CSA) approved, and the placement of all wire conforms to the Canadian Electrical Code
  • Providing an access hole from the inside of their premises to the area near the power meter
  • Providing the ground wire from the main building grounding system to the main telephone service connection box
  • Providing a wooden backboard for mounting the telephone service connection box (if required)
  • Paying a service charge if SaskTel must visit the customer’s premises to repair problems resulting from customer-provided wiring.

SaskTel will provide the service wire to the telephone service connection box outside of the building on an ongoing basis. Customers applying for telephone service must ensure that the telephone wire on the premises extends to the new telephone service connection box.

You can perform the necessary work for the premises wire, hire an electrician or general contractor, or—if you prefer—we can provide the wire for the premises at our custom work rates.

For more information, see our Pre-wiring guide and wire standards for single family units (pdf).