Data Speed Restore

Add an additional 5 or 15 GB of full-speed data if you're on an unlimited data plan.

Do you have a noSTRINGS prepaid plan? Check out the noSTRINGS Speed Restore add-ons.

Speed Restore 5 GB

One-time payment

Speed Restore 15 GB

One-time payment

Terms & conditions

  • Speed Restore adds additional full-speed data for the duration of your billing period. Unused Speed Restore data will not roll over to the next billing period.
  • Speed Restore is available to customers that have an unlimited wireless data plan.
  • Speed Restore is not available on Talk + Text + Data plans.
  • When Speed Restore is added to a totalSHARE or VIP 35 plan, the additional full-speed data is available to all members of the shared data group.
  • Speed Restore can only be purchased through or through mySASKTEL.
  • Once a Speed Restore add-on has been purchased, it cannot be cancelled, refunded, or transferred.
  • There is no limit on the number of Speed Restore add-ons that can be purchased per billing period.
  • The purchase of the Speed Restore product will count towards your Canada Data Cap.
  • Speed Restore restores speeds for data used in Canada. It will not restore speeds for data used while roaming in the U.S. or other international countries.
  • All prices and fees are subject to applicable taxes.