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Notifications and limits on data charges

Notifications and limits on data charges

We provide notifications and caps on data charges to consumer and small business customers to help you manage your wireless bill.

Data limit notifications

Data usage notifications will be sent when you are near and/or have reached the limit of data included in your plan or add-on so that you are aware of when you will start incurring overage charges. The account holder can adjust the settings for these notifications in mySASKTEL.

See Understanding wireless data usage notifications for more information.

Data cap notifications

A data cap is the combined total of data charges and purchased data add-ons for all devices on your account. Data caps apply to both postpaid and noSTRINGS Prepaid wireless service. There are two kinds of data caps:

  • Canada data cap - $50 of data add-ons and data overage charges in Canada, which includes the price of any Data Pass or shareMORE Top-ups.
  • International data cap - $100 of U.S./international data roaming charges, which includes the price of any Roam & Relax Travel Add-ons or Daily Rates that include data.

All devices on an account will receive a text when you are nearing your data cap, and another when you have reached it.

When the account is nearing or has reached the data cap limit, only the account holder (or device user authorized by the account holder) can choose to:

  1. Consent to additional data overage charges to continue using data
  2. Allow data to be temporarily suspended to avoid any additional charges
  3. Opt out of data caps permanently (only account holder)

See Understanding wireless data charges for more information on using data within your data cap.

See Managing your wireless data cap for more information on how to temporarily increase your data cap or opt out permanently.

Note: If you're using a mobile Internet device or tablet, you may not receive the data caps text message notifications. Instead, you may be redirected to a page indicating "you do not have access to data at this time". To learn how to monitor your data usage, see Checking your data usage and limit.

noSTRINGS Prepaid customers: The Canadian data cap is off (inactive) by default and you'll need to opt in if you want it. In addition to consenting to additional charges, you must also have enough funds in your prepaid account to pay for the additional amount you are consenting to. See Understanding data caps for noSTRINGS Prepaid service.

Manage your data notifications

With mySASKTEL, the account holder can:

  • Designate a different wireless number as the account holder
  • Specify others who can consent to additional charges like data overages
  • Change what notifications you or the devices on the account receive and more

Note: The account holder is opted in to the data cap messages by default.

Along with data caps, we also have other ways to help you manage your data usage:

The choice is yours!

In addition to data notifications and caps, this video shows some other ways to help you manage your data usage:

For more, see Managing your wireless data usage.