Data usage calculator

Data usage calculator

Use this calculator to estimate how much data your activities will use. To see how much data you've already used during this billing period, visit Checking your data usage.

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Estimated data usage
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NOTE: The actual amount of data used for the described task with the chosen device can vary significantly from the given estimates.

Average data usage per task examples:

BlackBerry Smartphone
Email without attachment 20 KB 20 KB
Email with attachment 780 KB 1.15 MB
Browse a web page 275 KB 700 KB
Instant Messaging 5 KB 30 KB
Streaming SD video 5 MB/minute 5 MB/minute
Streaming music 1 MB/minute 1 MB/minute
Download game 1.5 MB 50 MB
Download an App 1.5 MB 20 MB
Download a 4 min song 4 MB 4 MB
Social Media post with Pictures 1.5 MB each 1.75 MB each
Video Calling 3 MB/min 2 MB/min

Please note: The above usage per task examples are estimates based on averages and could vary from actual data usage for the given task.

1 MB = 1024 KB
1 GB = 1024 MB or 1048576 KB

* Wi-Fi usage does not count against the data included in your wireless data plans. Learn more about accessing Wi-Fi on your smartphone.