6 hours of unlimited data that starts immediately after purchase. You'll get a text when your data pass period ends.

6 Hour Data Pass
$ 5 .00
one-time payment

Do Even More

View data usage, manage your plan, and more.
  • Data Pass is not available for plans that have unlimited data.
  • The Data Pass is purchased at the device level - data pass data cannot be shared across multiple devices.
  • Data included in the Data Pass is only for use within Canada and does not include international data usage.
  • The Data Pass cannot be cancelled or transferred once it has been purchased.
  • You will get a text message notifying you when the Data Pass has began and when it has ended.
    • Don't rely on ending message to know when the pass has ended as in some scenarios (ex. system outages) you may not receive the end message until after the pass has already ended.
    • You can check your mySASKTEL account to see how much time is remaining on your active Data Pass.
  • You cannot future-date the start of a Data Pass.
  • The purchase price of a Data Pass counts towards your Canada data cap.
  • All prices and fees are subject to applicable taxes.