Rewards for you!

The more SaskTel services you have, the more you save.

Bundle & Save!

Bundle your SaskTel services to save cash each and every month.

Internet and TV

Bundle Internet and TV to save BIG

When you bundle Internet and maxTV, you can save up to $25/mo. With Internet and maxTV Stream, you save $20/mo.

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Our best unlimited wireless data plan, VIP 20

What's better than unlimited data? Unlimited data, plus 2 GB of U.S data at a great price! You can get our exclusive unlimited* wireless data plan, VIP 20 for $95/mo. Simply bundle maxTV or maxTV Stream with a select Internet plan.**

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Bundle savings can really add up!



Save $10/mo. when you bundle any postpaid wireless plan with maxTV and Internet. Or, save $5/mo. when bundled with Internet.



Save $5/mo. when you bundle smartHOME with Internet or wireless. SaskTel smartHOME lets you control and monitor your home from anywhere with your phone, laptop, or tablet.


homePHONE long distance

Save $10/mo. when you bundle the Anytime North America long distance plan with maxTV and Internet. Or, save $5/mo. when bundled with Internet or wireless.

Terms & conditions

Bundle savings depend on product availability in your area and number of services you have. Services eligible for bundle savings include Postpaid Wireless plans, maxTV, maxTV Stream, Internet, infiNET, homePHONE Anytime North America Unlimited Long Distance, and smartHOME.

Monthly recurring charges for:

  • Wireless services appear on your SaskTel wireless bill.
  • maxTV, maxTV Stream, interNET, infiNET, homePHONE, and smartHOME services appear on your SaskTel wireline bill.

All bundle credits appear on your SaskTel wireline bill. For more information, see Understanding Bundle credits on your SaskTel bill.

maxTV and maxTV Stream

  • maxTV or maxTV Stream service is available in certain areas of the province. Check the availability of service near you.
  • Read the SaskTel maxTV Terms of Service (pdf) before subscribing to maxTV.
  • maxTV over interNET can only be bundled with interNET 5, interNET 10, and interNET 25. maxTV over infiNET can only be bundled with infiNET 20, 60, 150, 300, 600, and 1 Gig.
  • 10 Mbps or faster Internet is required for maxTV Stream service.

infiNET and interNET


  • *Speed reduced after 20 GB
  • **To be eligible for VIP 20, customers must have linked home services and wireless accounts within their mySASKTEL profile and maxTV or maxTV Stream and one of the following internet plans: interNET 25, interNET 50, infiNET 60, infiNET 150, infiNET 300, infiNET 600, infiNET 1 Gig, interNET Extended 25, or interNET Extended 50.
  • Only Postpaid Wireless rate plans are eligible for Bundle savings.
  • If you have maxTV with Internet in your Bundle, you are eligible to receive an additional $10 per month Bundle saving by adding a Postpaid Wireless rate plan. Without maxTV in your Bundle, your eligible additional monthly Bundle saving is $5 per month when you add a Postpaid Wireless rate plan.

Home phone Anytime North America long distance

  • Local access service rate depends on your location. Excess mileage and extended area charges may also apply in certain areas.
  • Available to single line customers only.
  • Unlimited rates apply when you dial from your home phone to numbers in Canada and the U.S. (including Alaska and Hawaii). Calls to Mexico are not included.
  • Read the Network Access terms of service (pdf) before subscribing to any SaskTel homePHONE service.