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The first SaskTel Data Centre was opened in the 1960s. After many years of supporting our own IT functions, SaskTel extended these capabilities to our customers, offering them access to a world-class facility while leveraging economies of scale. SaskTel has been providing Data Centre services to customers for over 20 years, and today, hosts government, corporate, and private customers from throughout North America. SaskTel currently offers Tier III Uptime Institute Certified Data Centres in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Our Data Centres offer a highly available, secure and stable operating environment for your IT infrastructure.  We will be your IT partner and ensure your data is safe, secure and accessible for designated uses, allowing you to focus on taking care of your business needs.

Data Centre details

Building and location


SaskTel has Data Centres in multiple locations that are Tier III Uptime Institute Certified and provide redundant power, cooling and power generation. The facilities are site hardened with no windows or doors with direct access to the Data Centre facility. These facilities reside in geologically stable environments with low risk of natural disasters.



Environmental and safety controls


SaskTel Data Centre follows the ASHRAE 2011 Environmental Class A1 guidelines.  Temperatures  inside the Data Centre are carefully controlled and kept at a constant level, providing optimal operating conditions for data equipment. Air conditioning units, in excess of what is required, supply ventilation and cooling.


The facility features a two-stage fire suppression system with cross-zoned detection that responds to either heat or smoke. In addition, a separate fire detection mechanism constantly samples the air and acts in tandem with detectors mounted on the ceiling.



Power system


The Data Centre is connected to a stable public power grid and in the event of an outage, has backup diesel powered generators with enough fuel to  guarantee power for a minimum of 3 days.


Redundant UPS and battery backup provide 20 minutes of power to the facility while the redundant generators start up providing on going power to the facility during an outage.  In the event of a disaster that causes an outage for longer than SaskTel's guaranteed fuel supply, the Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency for emergency service identifies SaskTel as a critical infrastructure provider and would be considered for fuel priority.


Customers are provided A and B power distribution units to each rack providing redundancy for those systems utilizing dual power supplies enabling maintenance to be completed without interruption to customer service.



Security and monitoring


Security is of prime importance in the establishment of a data centre. Access to the SaskTel Data Centres is governed by SaskTel security policies. Physical entry is electronically secured, physically monitored, and staffed by bonded security personnel on a 24/7 basis. The Data Centre is protected by a number of additional measures:


  • The outer perimeter and corridors of the facility are monitored with closed-circuit cameras and motion detectors to ensure that no unauthorized individuals gain access to the facility.

  • To control access to the Data Centre itself, biometric scanners are used in conjunction with key-card access.


The Data Centre is protected with 24/7 onsite security guards and CCTV cameras monitoring access and infrastructure.  All authorized customers are required to obtain a criminal record check. These personnel will be provided with secure card access and biometric profiles in order to enter the Data Centre. Unescorted access is granted 24/7 to authorized individuals only.



Vendor relationships


Data Centre servers are devoted to a variety of functions, including applications, databases, data warehousing, systems management, email and groupware. Given the wide array of resources used in delivering Data Centre services, SaskTel has established strong relationships with several vendors, including SUN Microsystems, HP, IBM, Microsoft, EMC, Cisco,VMware, ORACLE, Seccuris,  Leibert, Rightline, and Starline



Disaster preparedness


In the event of disaster, SaskTel is committed to maintaining service continuity to the greatest possible extent with the objective of protecting property, plant, service capability and resources. SaskTel maintains an Emergency Operations Centre, which can be activated when necessary for any internal or external situations.


SaskTel has developed Corporate Administrative Procedures that relate to disaster recovery plans and procedures. These procedures are backed by our on-call certified vendors and partners, and are designed to facilitate service continuity methods, as well as operations compatibility.


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