Say goodbye to costly internal switching systems. Centrex is an affordable service designed to be a simple, scalable solution for small, medium, or large business applications.

With unparalleled service, flexible pricing systems and 99.9% uptime, you always have access to the latest features without any capital investment. The Centrex service comes fully loaded with a wide range of industry-leading telecommunications tools and options. It’s hassle and worry-free. There’s no need to buy, house, or maintain your own system, since we do it for you.

And when your business adapts and grows, so does your Centrex service. Add or remove lines or phone features as you need them, set customizable features for a single line or your entire system, even link remote sites together in a single communications service.

Centrex systems are available as a line-by-line monthly rental or contract basis. Rates vary depending on the number of lines and the contract term length.


Customize your Centrex system with over 60 free features, including our 8 most popular:

  • Call Trace lets you deal with harassing or obscene phone calls.
  • Transfer calls to any number with Transfer Recall features.
  • Set select lines for inbound calls only with the Deny Originating Calls feature.
  • Last Number Redial lets you redial the last number called with a single button.
  • Advanced Paging features allow business sets to be used as intercoms for One-Way Paging, or as Loudspeaker Paging systems to the entire office.
  • When stations are busy, use the Ring Again feature to call when the line becomes available.
  • Set Speed Dial for up to 10 frequently called numbers.

  • Add a third party to an existing call or transfer a call with Three-Way Calling.


Optional Features

Enhance your service with any of Centrex’s 56 optional features available at an additional charge, including these top choices:

  • Set one phone number to appear on up to 8 phones with the Multi-Appearance Direct Number (MADN) - Single Call Arrangement (SCA) feature.
  • Show the caller's name and phone number on your set display.
  • Assign a Secondary Number to any key on your set.
  • Visual voice mail indicator for single-line sets. Never miss voice mail again with the light-up voicemail indicator for analog sets.
  • Easily access a Speed Call Long List group.
  • Configure your business set to be more 'console-like' with Enhanced Answering positions.
  • Set an automatic callback after a busy signal with Automatic Callback and Recall features.
  • Set Distinctive Ringing patterns for different call types.
  • Assign up to 3 additional phone numbers to one phone line with Ident-A-Call.
  • Music on Hold for your customers, announcements on your line, or a combination of the two.

Want more? Check out the complete list of more than 100 Centrex Features.


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What our customers say

'Since the installation of SaskTel's Centrex service, Regina Multicultural Council has been able to increase productivity by 25% and reduce administration costs by 10%.'

—Julene Summerfield, Regina Multicultural Council

'SaskTel's Centrex rental solution saved me a capital outlay of at least $5,000 when my old key system required upgrading. In addition, as a rental customer, repairs are fast, simple, and cost me nothing.'

—John Yaehne, National Cartage Ltd.

'We were subscribing to SaskTel monthly Centrex Service, renting digital telephones and voice mail for several years. By upgrading to the Centrex Communication Package on a new five-year contract, we will reduce our costs by $3,900.00 annually, which is a significant saving to our business.'

—Isabelle Gress, Saskatoon Appliance Distributors Ltd.

'Since the installation of SaskTel Centrex service, we have increase productivity by a minimum of 20% by having the ability to see and answer the other employees' lines on our phones. With Centrex, we no longer have to locate people or go to other areas of the office to answer their phones, saving us approximately 30 minutes a day or 10 hours a month.'

—Cindy Ziegler, Tyerman Investments

'By installing a Centrex AuxBox Call Recording Device from SaskTel at Crown Cab, incorrect dispatches have been reduced by 10%. This has gained us 90 minutes per day in employee productivity resulting in an overall saving of approximately $20,000 per year.'

—David Materi, Owner - Crown Cab



Centrex help videos

Centrex support hub - includes user guides for features, Meridan phone sets, and access codes