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Ensure your business has secure, scalable, and durable storage for your unstructured data.


Cloud Object Storage is a highly scalable service for storing, managing, and accessing unstructured data in a cost-effective manner. With Cloud Object Storage, your business can expect high security, durability and availability.


How it works

For easier administration, SaskTel creates a General Bucket for each customer. Within this General Bucket, you can create as many buckets, of any size, as you’d like. You can move your data to and retrieve it from Cloud Object Storage regardless of where it lives: on-premises, in the cloud, in databases or in applications.

This service is S3 compatible, your applications can interact directly with Cloud Object Storage via the S3 API. Your data will be broken into fragments, expanded and encrypted during transit. Then, your data will be stored across three of SaskTel’s data centres throughout the province.



Big Data Analytics. Power your artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and big data analytics models with a highly available and easy-to-access solution.

Scalable. Cloud Object Storage can scale up or down based on your needs.

Data Lakes. Cloud Object Storage is hosted in 3 different SaskTel data centres, allowing your business to build massive central storage repositories in a cost-effective manner.

Archival Data. Cloud Object Storage uses disk storage for quick access. Non-essential data archives can be moved to a secure and readily available solution.

Backup, Restore, and Protect. Protect critical data with a highly durable storage solution. Cloud Object Storage security will also address each stage of your data lifecycle to ensure your data remains secure.

Media Content. Store and deliver audio and video directly to applications and websites.

Highly Durable and Available. Cloud Object Storage is designed for 99.9999% data durability and provides 99.99% up-time.


Cloud Object Storage Pricing

SaskTel’s Cloud Object Storage has a tiered price. The more storage that is used, the lower the per-gigabyte price.

Storage size Price
0 - 99TB $0.035/GB/month
100TB - 499TB $0.033/GB/month
500TB+ $0.03/GB/month

Contact us for additional incentives on contracts.


Why SaskTel?

SaskTel is far more than a mobile and internet supplier. From Cloud services, Firewall Backups, Integrated Business Communications, and Smart Business Solutions, SaskTel is a prairie-rooted organization that has your success at the forefront of all we do.

Your business can rely on SaskTel’s local team of professionals that work efficiently, affordably, and reliably to protect and store your data so you can focus on what really matters: running your business.


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