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Communication and Collaboration

Customer success stories

Communication and Collaboration

Ryan Danberg

Ryan Danberg is the former City Manager of the City of Melfort. When Melfort was seeking out new ways to build on its status as “a great place to live, work, and play,” they met with the SaskTel Collaboration and Innovation Team. It soon became clear that this was the opportunity to work together.

“This experience has provided tremendous value to Melfort – shifting our mindset and approach and delivering tangible benefits in a short period of time,” says Ryan. “We’ve come to realize that transformation isn’t nearly as overwhelming as it may originally seem.”

"SaskTel brings a whole ecosystem of solutions that we've been able to leverage as an organization." Ryan Danberg, City Manager, City of Melfort.      

Meet Ryan Danberg

When the Saskatchewan Roughriders moved into the new Mosaic Stadium, they faced several obstacles. Their former office was in a building that was challenged in terms of technology and they were moving into a new, state-of-the-art facility. They turned to SaskTel because we understand their business needs.

The Roughriders had long been a SaskTel customer and the organization was already enjoying the advantages of Cloud Hosting. It provided a strong starting point to build a custom solution for the team. It provided a strong starting point to build a custom solution for the team. We recommended augmenting their portfolio of SaskTel services with Hosted Collaboration Solution, connecting the entire office with the rest of the world. The Riders also went with Hosted Contact Centre to optimize their resources.

"Whether it's that move to SaskTel's data centre or allowing our fans to contact our ticket office through phone solutions, SaskTel really handles our technology," says Craig Reynolds, President and CEO, Saskatchewan Roughriders. "And that allows us to focus on our business, which is running a football team."

Craig Reynolds, President & CEO
Saskatchewan Roughriders

Meet Craig Reynolds and Ricardo Del Cid

When Boyd Kampen and his business partner, Tyler Gilchrist, decided to expand their company in a larger facility and at a new location, they had no idea that infrastructure costs could climb so high. We approached them with SaskTel Integrated Business Communications (IBC), a cost-effective and expandable solution.

Boyd Kampen, partner/owner
Impact Energy

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Meet Boyd Kampen

When Tyler Yaehne saw firsthand the benefits of SaskTel Integrated Business Communications (IBC), he knew it was the right solution for National Cartage. Not only would it replace their existing phone system, it would keep the company from becoming obsolete.

Tyler Yaehne, partner/owner
National Cartage

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Meet Tyler Yaehne     

With SaskTel Hosted Collaboration Solution, Cameron Bode is maximizing productivity for his eight dealerships throughout southern Saskatchewan. A hosted solution has allowed him to rely on someone else for expertise and technology, instead of having to develop that internal expertise. Plus, he was able to get rid of all the back-end technology in the dealerships. "This allows us to focus on our business."

Cameron Bode, General Manager
South Country Equipment

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With SaskTel Integrated Business Communications (IBC), Shellbrook's town office solved a small town challenge with a big business solution. "The ability to have a remote location, remote administration, remote phone calls, combined with the idea of being mobile in the event of an emergency, is quite valuable."

Kelly Hoare, Administrator
Town of Shellbrook

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