Does your business have the necessary processes and tools in place to continue productivity in the event of a disaster? Not sure how to prepare for the unpredictable?

SaskTel Business Continuity Management professional services can help protect your business functions and processes in the event of a disaster. We start by evaluating your business, identifying any weaknesses, and equipping you with the proper protocol and tools to continue productivity in the event of a disaster. With a plan in place, the unpredictable will not be left to chance.


Preparedness: Ensures your business, from your people to applications, can resume operations as quickly as possible after an outage

Organizational resilience: Build organizational resilience by identifying weaknesses, risk, threats, and vulnerabilities

Flexible: Adapt your plan to your changing environment, ensuring your plan is always current and can be consistently executed




Customizable solution: Get a plan completely tailored to your business that identifies your critical functions and establishes a level of risk acceptance

In-depth analysis:

  • Risk Analysis: Considers many different risks and hazards and the likelihood they are to occur
  • Business Impact Analysis (BIA):  Determines the potential effects of an interruption to critical business processes to quantify and qualify such impacts
  • Business Continuity Plan (BCP): Identifies available continuity and recovery strategies for your operations and technology using the data from the risk analysis and the BIA

Strategies and policies: Modification of corporate procedures, technology, and infrastructure to integrate with recovery plan

Maintenance and audit:

  • Tracking and documentation of change activities provides an evaluation of the on-going state of readiness and allows for continuous improvement ensuring plans remain current and relevant
  • Validation that the plans are complete, accurate, and in compliance with corporate goals and industry standards as appropriate

BCM lifecycle

Using the Business Continuity Management Lifecycle we are able to develop strategies around areas of risk with a plan tailored to your specific business needs.

Business Continuity Management Lifecycle


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