International roaming networks and calling codes

International roaming networks and calling codes

Find the international access codes, list of available roaming carrier networks, and the frequency bands for a country you're visiting.

You can also view the international country code for a country you wish to call.

Device and destination details

Follow these steps:

  1. Look up what networks and bands (also known as frequencies) your device is capable of roaming on. This can be found in your device's manual or by searching for your device on websites such as
  2. In the tool above, select All Manufacturers, All Models, the travel destination, and click Submit. This will give you a complete list of roaming networks available to SaskTel customers in the destination you have selected.
  3. Compare the available bands to the bands your device is capable of roaming on. If there is a match, then your device can roam on that network. For example, if the tool indicates there is a network at your destination that operates on the GSM 1900Mhz band, and your device is capable of roaming on a GSM 1900Mhz band, then you'll likely be able to use your device on that network.


  • Roaming Carrier Network – These are our roaming partner networks that you can access in a specific country. Coverage within a country can vary between carriers.
  • Frequency Band – Different phones and devices work on different frequency bands. If you entered your device model, this tool will only show you the frequencies and roaming carrier networks that your device will work on.
  • International Access Code – These are also referred to as an International Direct Dialing (IDD) prefix. You must dial this code when making an international call within a specific country.
  • International Country Code – You must dial this code when making a call to the country listed.

IMPORTANT: Network coverage, services, and features are dependent on the wireless carrier you are roaming with and are subject to change without notice. Please ensure that your Settings and Roaming Service Mode are programmed correctly to enable roaming service.