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Wireless Public Alerting System

Alert Ready sends life-saving alerts using television, radio and compatible wireless devices. To receive these alerts, you must have a compatible device with the latest software update and be connected to the LTE or 5G network.

Wireless alerts are location-based. SaskTel wireless customers, as well as any other compatible device using the network in the area, may receive emergency alerts.

Not all wireless devices are able to receive messages from Alert Ready. Compatibility with Alert Ready depends on many factors, including the device model and OS software version. To receive alerts, a device must be:

  • A compatible LTE-device. See Alert Ready compatible wireless devices
  • Updated with the latest version of its operating software
  • Connected to an LTE or 5G network
    • Note that if you are making a voice call over 4G at the time the alert is issued, your device is connected to 4G, not LTE, at that time.

For more information, see Understanding Alert Ready emergency alerts on your wireless phone

Please visit for current alerts and further details on the Wireless Public Alerting System.