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Can SaskTel ask for my SIN and HSC information?

Can SaskTel ask for my SIN and HSC information?

There are several provincial and federal government departments who are lawfully authorized to request SIN or HSC. SaskTel does not have this authorization, but there is also no legal prohibition preventing SaskTel from asking for your SIN  or HSC  number. While companies can ask for a SIN, customers are under no obligation to provide their SIN in order to receive service.

We will not deny services to individuals who do not wish to provide their SIN or HSC. If you do not wish to provide your SIN or HSC, you may provide two other forms of government issued  identification such as , driver’s license number, or passport.  

How does SaskTel use my SIN or HSC?

SaskTel may ask for your SIN or HSC number because it is a unique identifier which confirms a person’s identity. We might request this to verify your identity when you call in about your SaskTel services, or if we need to do a credit check.   

While a credit check can be done without a SIN or HSC, the credit check may return the incorrect results of an individual with a similar name, birthdate, or who may have lived at the same address.  

Where we cannot obtain a match with a credit agency, we may ask for a deposit or alternate form of security. 

Our commitment to protecting your privacy

SaskTel treats SIN and HSC numbers as confidential personal information which must be kept secure according to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP) as well as SaskTel policies and procedures. We have a legal obligation to protect and safeguard the personal information in our possession from any unauthorized use or disclosure.