SaskTel launches 5G on over 40 cell sites serving communities and highway corridors across Saskatchewan

October 4, 2023

Today, SaskTel announced it recently launched 5G on over 40 additional cell sites serving communities and highway corridors across the province. This latest expansion is part of SaskTel's ongoing initiative to deliver next-generation and hyper-fast wireless connectivity to residents and businesses throughout Saskatchewan. See the table below for a full list of communities and areas that have recently been upgraded to SaskTel 5G service.

"Our government recognizes how important advanced communication networks and technologies have become to the success of our people and province as a whole," said Dustin Duncan, Minister Responsible for SaskTel. "The significant investments being made by SaskTel in 5G and fibre technologies will help strengthen the networks we rely on and ensure Saskatchewan remains one of the most well connected regions in the country."

Currently, SaskTel's 5G network can deliver data speeds of up to 1.2 Gigabits per second (Gbps), and as it matures the network will provide significantly faster speeds. Other future benefits of 5G will include massive network capacity and ultra-low latency, all of which will enable new use cases for emerging wireless technologies that will be the foundation that next-generation innovations will be built upon.

"We recognize the true potential of 5G and are tirelessly working to bring this new and powerful technology to our customers across the province," said Charlene Gavel, SaskTel President and CEO. "With this latest expansion, we are thrilled that more of our customers across the province will now be able to connect to each other and the world faster than ever before."

SaskTel's rollout of 5G will revolutionize connectivity across the province, especially in rural areas. Delivering incredible data speeds, 5G will help bridge the digital divide by providing residents with the capability to connect to the world faster than ever before. 5G will also support technological advancements in remote healthcare, online learning, agriculture, transportation, as well as other services and industries that are important to the economic prosperity and overall quality of life in rural Saskatchewan.

The continued expansion of its 5G and fibre networks are a direct result of SaskTel's commitment to invest more than $1.6 billion of capital across Saskatchewan over the next five years.

In order to connect to its 5G network, SaskTel customers need to be within a 5G coverage area, have a 5G capable device that is certified for use on the SaskTel 5G network, and subscribe to a 5G compatible wireless plan.

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