We’re making the switch to eBILL paperless billing.

Why wait! eBILL is available through mySASKTEL. Sign up now.


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Make life easier with eBILL

Cut the paper clutter in your home and conveniently access your bill anytime, anywhere.

You'll get a monthly email when your eBILL is ready with a quick view of the amount due, and a link to your detailed bill.

With eBILL, you can:

  • Make secure online payments
  • See the last 18 months of bills
  • Download or print your bill

Let’s make Saskatchewan greener

Moving to eBILL paperless billing will help to decrease resource use and waste and reduce the carbon footprint in our communities.

2018 Canada's Greenest Employers

 We’re committed to a clean, green Saskatchewan. We’ve been named one of Canada’s Greenest Employers for the past 10 years. The move to eBILL is a small act with a big impact on tomorrow's environment as we look to reduce the over 36 million pieces of paper used to send customer bills every year. That’s 2,300 trees!


eBILL is easy and free to use!

eBILL is available through mySASKTEL.

To see your eBILL, you’ll need a mySASKTEL profile with a linked account.

  1. Sign up for your free mySASKTEL profile.
  2. Link your account(s). You'll need your account number and last billed amount.

Once you link an account, you're automatically signed up for eBILL paperless billing.

With mySASKTEL, you can do more than view and pay your bill. You can quickly and easily manage your services like change your wireless plan, add a TV channel or theme pack, upgrade your Internet plan, and more. Learn more about mySASKTEL.



Still need a paper bill? No problem

Only residential customers with SaskTel Internet or wireless data services will be moved to eBILL. If you would rather continue to receive a paper copy of your bill, you can change your billing preference under Manage Accounts in mySASKTEL. For help, see Cancelling eBILL (going back to paper).