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Non-tariffed Products and Services Landing

Non-tariffed Products and Services

Our non-tariffed products and services includes service descriptions, terms and conditions, and rates of products and services that are not regulated, or for which the Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has forborne.

You can download individual sections of the guide here:

  • General includes various reference tools to use with the guide. In addition to a table of contents and alphabetical index, it contains explanations of symbols and terms, and a listing of all trademarked names mentioned in the guide.
  • Terms of service includes information on the general rights and responsibilities of both SaskTel and our customers, including the restrictions on the customer’s use of a SaskTel service, limitations on our liability, and the termination of a service by either the customer or SaskTel.
  • Residential services contains information on the conditions of service for our residential single-line network access.
  • Business services provides descriptions, conditions of service, and rates of various SaskTel services available to business customers, such as Centrex, Megalink, and UC 500 Communication Systems.
  • Shared business and residential services offers descriptions, terms of service, and rates of our services and fees that apply to both business and residential customers. This includes SaskTel Voicemail, SmartTouch Subscription Service, Seasonal Service, and Dishonoured Payment Charges.
  • Wireless includes the terms of service for our wireless service and details the terms, conditions, and rates of various wireless services. This includes noSTRINGS Prepaid wireless calling cards, text messaging, wireless hardware upgrades, and wireless calling features.
  • Broadcast contains descriptions, terms, and conditions of our Max Entertainment Services.
  • Internet includes the terms of service of our various Internet service offerings.
  • Basic toll schedules includes schedules outlining the rates of long distance calls not covered by our long distance plans, wireless long distance calls, basic toll discounts, and operator and calling card surcharges.
  • Directory services describes our directory services, and details DirectWest conditions of contract and the rates and terms of service of Directory Assistance services and charges.
  • Forborne Competitor Services contains information specific to Forborne Competitor Services which were previously tariffed and are now sold on a non-tariff basis.