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General Tariff Basic Services - 21411

General Tariff Basic Services - 21411



Item Title Type
110.52 310-XXXX Access .pdf
105.05 Administration Charges .pdf

92 Attachment of Customer-Provided Equipment .pdf
110.22 Automated Inmate Public Telephone Service .pdf
170.10 Bad Debt Repayment Plan .pdf
100.20 Business Service .pdf
200.20 Centrex Service II .pdf
110.20 Charge-A-Call Plus Service - Discontinued  

160.05 Consumer Safeguards .pdf
110.16 Customer Information Requests .pdf
82 Definitions .pdf
110.42 Digital Channel Service .pdf
110.44 Digital Network Access (DNA) .pdf
110.32 Direct-In-Dial Service .pdf
160.30 Directory Assistance Call Completion .pdf
160.35 Directory Assistance Call Completion Blocking - Withdrawn  
160.20 Directory Assistance Charge .pdf
84 Discontinued Products and Services .pdf
88 Dishonoured Payment Charge .pdf
98 Eligibility for Exclusive Tariffs for Health and Education Entities .pdf
140.10 Emergency Call Redirection .pdf
110.54 Ethernet Access Service .pdf
105.10 Excess Mileage Charges .pdf
100.05 Exchange Area Service .pdf

100.30 Extended Area Service (EAS) - Discontinued .pdf
110.08 Extended Data Access Charge .pdf
110.06 Extended Network Access Service .pdf
105.15 Extra Provisioning Charges .pdf
300.10 Feature Package .pdf
300.05 Feature Package (Withdrawn) .pdf
100.21 Forborne Residential Local Exchange Services .pdf
100.23 Forborne Business Local Exchange Services .pdf
50 General Terms of Service .pdf
499 Index for All Tariffs .pdf
200.09 Integrated Business Communications Optional Add-ons .pdf
200.07 Integrated Business Communications Service .pdf
160.25 Intercept Service .pdf
110.50 Local Loop - Conditioning .pdf
110.46 Local Loop Service .pdf
110.38 Megalink Service .pdf
160.15 Message Relay Service .pdf
110.30 Multi-Line Access Service .pdf
110.12 Network Access Service .pdf
90 Past Due Charges .pdf
140.05 Provincial Enhanced 9-1-1 Service .pdf
110.18 Public Telephone Service .pdf
100.12 Rate Band Structure .pdf
100.10 Rate Group Classification .pdf
150.16 Remote Call Forwarding .pdf
200.05 Remote Message Register .pdf
80 Resale and Sharing .pdf
100.15 Residence Service .pdf
170.05 Residential Bill Management Tools .pdf
105.16 SaskTel Unserved Premise Improvement .pdf
99 SaskTel Online Tariffs .pdf
170.16 SaskTel Rural Financial Assistance Plan .pdf
110.02 Seasonal Service .pdf
110.24 Semi-Public Telephone Service .pdf
150.10 Service Interface .pdf
150.15 SmartTouch Subscription Service .pdf

160.10 Telephone Directory Service .pdf
110.14 Temporary Telephone Service .pdf

170.15 Toll Restrictor .pdf

110.48 Voice Grade Facilities - Local Channels - Discontinued .pdf
110.26 Wireless Payphone Service .pdf