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Supplier information

Let's work for our customers

Our customers demand innovative products, services, and solutions from us. Our supply chain is a strategic part of our business. So we're always looking for ways to improve our performance and reduce costs.

We partner with our registered suppliers to:

  • Achieve procurement economies of scale
  • Standardize products to reduce costs
  • Optimize performance
  • Apply more efficient warehousing and distribution techniques

We deliver them by partnering with the best suppliers. Whatever your size, we'll work with you to create added value for our customers. All while building our brand and values.

We share good business values

We work with suppliers who offer high quality, innovative products and services, competitive prices, on-time delivery, and superior overall value.

New business

You'll get access to our established community of buyers to promote your business to our company and subsidiaries. All buyer members will see your supplier information. This means your business gets higher visibility and the potential for new business opportunities and revenue streams.

One pre-qualification

As a supplier, you publish your pre-qualification information for all buyers in the community. You'll save time and money by getting access to multiple buyers and opportunities.

Business improvement

You'll receive feedback you can use to improve and stand out from the competition. Buyers can also view comparison data across suppliers and performance trends. This gives you the opportunity to demonstrate superior performance or standards.

What we expect from you

We offer our customers best-in-class products and new technologies in breakthrough time. Then we deliver it with competitive prices and excellent customer service to maintain our customers' loyalty. Our suppliers are key to helping us meet these high expectations.

Join our suppliers

If your company provides a product or service that complements our portfolio, we invite you to register online. Be sure to follow the Registering as a SaskTel supplier procedures to be considered for opportunities with us. The procedures will guide you through the registration process on our SaskTel Procurement Portal.

Existing suppliers

Update your supplier profile

We partner with Ariba to collaborate with our supply partners and give exceptional service to our customers. If you're already a supplier, you've already received your unique login and password. Log in to Ariba to update your profile.

Find opportunities on SaskTenders

Competitive tendering is our preferred procurement method for purchasing goods and services. Our competitions are posted online at SaskTenders.

Supplier Whistleblowing Statement

Like most commercial organizations of any size, SaskTel has a Code of Business Conduct that binds all SaskTel employees. That Code of Conduct deals with among other things, situations that are or could be a conflict of interest between an employee's personal interests and obligations owed to SaskTel as their employer and the standard of conduct SaskTel requires their employees or representatives to follow in dealing with suppliers of goods and services to SaskTel.

SaskTel is committed to the highest possible standards of integrity and accountability in its supplier relationships. If in the course of your relationship as a supplier to SaskTel, you believe that a SaskTel employee or representative you are dealing with is engaging in an illegal or unethical act or could be in a conflict of interest situation, then you are encouraged to report that concern directly to the SaskTel Procurement department either in writing or calling as follows:

SaskTel Director of Procurement

2nd Floor, 2133 1st Avenue, Regina, SK. S4P 3Y2

Phone: 306.777.3622

If there is a concern with reporting the issue to SaskTel Procurement or the matter is not resolved by them, the issue can be reported to the SaskTel Legal Department either in writing or calling as follows:

SaskTel V.P. Corporate Counsel Regulatory Affairs

13th Floor, 2121 Sask. Drive, Regina, SK. S4P 3Y2

Phone: 306.777.2223

Need help?

Visit our SaskTel Supplier Portal support hub for help registering as a supplier and using our supplier portal Ariba.

Contact our procurement team

Phone: 306.777.4041



2nd Floor, 2133 1st Avenue
Regina, SK S4P 3Y2