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There is a limited one-year warranty on the initial battery for the power supply unit provided when infiNET service is installed. The one-year warranty only provides for battery replacements within the first year of the initial install of infiNET service.

There is no warranty provided on replacement batteries obtained after the initial install one year warranty has expired. For warranty service on replacement batteries, including those purchased directly from SaskTel, please consult the battery manufacturer. Batteries ordered by phone will be delivered through the mail system.

After the warranty period you will be responsible for any damage to the battery itself. If the battery casing is damaged, please contact SaskTel.

infiNET services, including emergency 911 service, will cease to function during extended power outages once the battery backup attached to the infiNET equipment at your premises has been depleted. infiNET services including emergency 911 service will not be available during planned hardware and software upgrade periods.

infiNET service equipment located on your premises is equipped with a rechargeable battery that ensures your line keeps working during a power outage for a maximum of eight hours (depending on the use of your phone line and the condition of the network). You are solely responsible to arrange for the supply of electrical power necessary to use infiNET services including emergency 911 service and for the maintenance of the battery back-up for infiNET services equipment residing on your premises.

Unless otherwise expressly specified by SaskTel, you are responsible for the proper maintenance of infiNET equipment, including contacting SaskTel when prompted to do so by the backup battery and replacing the battery from time to time as required.

You are solely responsible for reviewing and following the manual, instructions and procedures provided or otherwise made available with infiNET services. SaskTel does not warrant or represent that infiNET services, including emergency 911 services, will not be interrupted and such services are provided without any representation or warranty of any kind regarding any specific or continued availability for use.

To the extent permitted by applicable law, SaskTel and its providers will not be liable to you or any third party for any inability to use infiNET services or to obtain access to emergency 911 service as a result of the limitations described above or your failure to comply with the requirements set out above.

The battery used with the infiNET power supply unit is a VRLA battery (Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery) with a standard life expectancy of up to five years. The battery is only in use and required for operation of phone services during a power outage.

The entire life span of the battery is up to 8 hours. After approximately 7 hours or 40-45% battery life, the battery will shut down to reserve power leaving approximately 1 hour of reserve power to make an emergency call from the Fibre ONT.

Read the SaskTel Internet Services terms of service (PDF) and acceptable use policy before subscribing to any SaskTel Internet service.