Electric Youth

June 6, 2017

Mark Rumancik (2nd from left) with some of the students from the Electronics class at Campus Regina Public.

They say the future belongs to the youth of the world, and SaskTel is finding proof of that at a Regina educational facility.

‘Campus Regina Public’ is a career-centred program available to all Grade 11 and 12 students registered with Regina School Division #4. The campus offers courses that are occupation specific, taught by experienced teachers and industry professionals using state-of-the-art equipment.

One of those courses focuses on Electronics. SaskTel’s Mark Rumancik, a Customer Service Technician (CST), plays an important part in assisting with the teaching of the class.

“I’ve always enjoyed the idea of being a teacher,” said Mark. “Like any classroom, the interest varies from student to student, but most are really excited when it starts to come together and they can make a phone call right from an open set of wires.”

For over a decade, SaskTel has participated in program development that engages secondary students from across the province. The goal is to encouraging them to stay in school, consider technology-based post-secondary education paths and consider SaskTel as an employer of choice.

By introducing SaskTel volunteer employees within the classrooms, students can communicate with subject matter experts in comfortable settings, and have open discussions about their future opportunities. They can also potentially be driven to continue their education towards that field of employment.

“I think it’s important that students get to see that working for a telecommunications company is another option for them,” said Mark. “For many it’s an eye opener. Most have questions when it comes to how working for SaskTel relates to a career as an electrician and didn’t even realize that telecom is another multi-billion dollar industry on its own.”

Besides Campus Regina Public, SaskTel employees also assist in teaching the Electronics curriculum at: Mount Royal Collegiate in Saskatoon; Estevan Comprehensive High School; and Yorkton Regional High School.

“SaskTel works with these schools to build awareness and understanding of basic telephony, fibre installation and ICT principles, mirroring core functions of SaskTel’s business,” said Lyndsey Pankratz, Project Manager – Human Resources. The participation of SaskTel employees in a portion of the class is also a great way to engage with students from across the province and bring awareness to them of potential SaskTel career opportunities.

Students in the participating Electronics classes are also offered summer employment opportunities with SaskTel, where they can apply their classroom learning in a real-world setting. Many of the students hired in the past have continued to be involved with SaskTel.

“They having worked consecutive summers for us, or received SaskTel scholarships,” said Lyndsey. “Some have even continued on to have permanent employment with us. This is key to ensuring SaskTel continues to attract the high potential employees needed for our future success.”

For more information about Campus Regina Public, visit: campusreginapublic.rbe.sk.ca

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