Fundraising to feed the community: SaskTel and the SaskTel Pioneers contribute over $58,000 to Food Banks of Saskatchewan

Fundraising to feed the community: SaskTel and the SaskTel Pioneers contribute over $58,000 to Food Banks of Saskatchewan

September 15, 2020

Fundraising to feed the community

With an increased usage of Saskatchewan food banks during the COVID-19 pandemic SaskTel employees – both past and present – doubled down on fundraising to help keep donations rolling in.

In response to the launch of a $6 million drive by the Food Banks of Saskatchewan, SaskTel and the SaskTel Pioneers have contributed $30,430 and $27,000 respectively to the organization’s Crisis Response Fund. An additional $1,500 donation from the Pioneers went to other food banks under the umbrella of the Food Banks of Saskatchewan.

“SaskTel has a long history of giving back to the communities we serve, so we were quick to jump on board when the Food Banks of Saskatchewan reached out to the province for help,” said Lindsay Mazenc, SaskTel Corporate Communications Manager. “We’re a longtime supporter of the Food Banks of Saskatchewan, so we were more than happy to help support them when faced with the magnitude of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Laurie O’Connor, Executive Director of Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre said demand for services saw an increase during the pandemic and the organization quickly realized they might face an unprecedented situation.

“With pressure from layoffs and other economic stressors triggered by the pandemic, we saw many new faces come through our doors,” Laurie said. “It’s been proven time after time, the people of Saskatchewan look after one another, and that’s what the province did in this instance.”

To help more families in need, the Food Banks of Saskatchewan launched a drive to raise $6 million dollars. All funds will go toward urgently needed supplies for some of our province’s most vulnerable citizens.

To break it down, SaskTel contributed $25,000, the Pioneers raised $28,500 through Regina Pioneers Salvage Sales and the Pay Day Lottery and SaskTel employees donated $675. Additionally, Daryl Godfrey, SaskTel’s Chief Technology Officer, raised $4,755 in employee donations for his Head Shave fundraiser.

“We’re extremely grateful to SaskTel for rising to the occasion and generously donating these funds to assist us in our mission to ensure that Saskatchewan families are not left hungry,” Laurie said.

The Food Banks of Saskatchewan estimates that for every $100 received they can feed two families for a week.

All donations to the Crisis Response Fund help the Food Banks of Saskatchewan to:

  • Purchase urgently needed food items in bulk
  • Create to-go boxes for quick hamper pick-ups
  • Set up pop-up satellite locations to respect physical distance
  • Properly coordinate staffing efforts

“The future is uncertain, and some families will experience economic challenges far into the future because of the current situation,” Laurie said. “The 32 food banks in Saskatchewan have supported approximately 40,000 people each month and there is a strong likelihood this will continue to increase as the economy struggles to recover. On behalf of the Food Banks of Saskatchewan, I want to sincerely thank everyone who has supported us during these unprecedented times and into the future.”

If you would like to make a personal donation to the Foodbanks of Saskatchewan Crisis Response Fund, you can donate at can be made at

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